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Class fees & General Information

Club Information
Master Marc Lawrence     Since we are club please contact us via phone or e-mail, ahead of time to be sure that we will be meeting at the time we are available. We share space with two Judo clubs at the I&I warehouse dojo. Some nights we visit other clubs. That said, beginners and experienced martial artists are invited to join us from 6-8 pm Mondays and Saturdays from 8am-10am.

About Our Kempo Karate Program
Our Kempo program is true to its name The Law of the Fist. It was designed to be a Self Defense Fighting method. Our method is adaptive to each persons strengths and weaknesses. Being Island style in nature we used what works and adapt to situations.  The methods we teach come from proven fighting methods from China, Japan, Philippines and Hawaii. The self defense methods taught to combat current street attacks and modern fighting methods. Our methods are based upon scientific understanding of fighting and self defense.

How Much?
     We are a club, not a commercial venture. We are strictly non-profit in philosophy. However, upkeep of the club website, materials, dojo rent and training gear does make some financial requirements. Further, some people, for some odd reason, believe that if it's free it has little or no value. Therefore there is a nominal club dues of 60.00 per participant per month. Family club dues are $150.
     For those who are suffering from financial hardship we may offer a scholarship for children of Filipino Heritage. Please contact Master Marc Lawrence for the details of the program. We also do trade and barter as long as we can make our bills as well.
     For those who wish private training, because we rent the space the cost is $50.00 per hour at the studio. If you wish training at your location the cost $50.00 per hour plus travel expenses at 54 center per mile. Seminars are available at rate 100.00 per hour with maximum of 20. student per class. Out of LA Area requests rates will include travel cost and hotel.

Master Marc LawrenceMaster Marc Lawrence

Training Outline Overview
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